Change the view of many on Mental Disorders

The time has come when talking about mental disorders was taboo. Nowadays we need to approach this theme, but of course, with a lot of responsibility.

This is the proposal of the Lost Anthology in me, that will select up to 25 stories / chronicles that contains stories about the most diverse disorders. Our goal is to show the world the reality of those who feel lost and struggle, daily, to meet.

Who can enter a short story?

Whether you are a psychologist, student, writer, diagnosed with some disorder or none of the aforementioned options: you can participate by sending your story / chronicle.We have professionals involved in this project precisely to fit your idea or report the reality of the disorder. If you wish to participate without having your name disclosed, we accept registrations with pseudonyms.

Who is organizing this anthology?

The anthology is being organized by Perensin Produções, on the direction of the author Rafaela Perensin, responsible for the selection of texts. In addition, it will feature advice with mental health professionals: psychologists Kenny Teschiedel and Ruy Góes and psychiatrist David Sender.

What are the benefits of participating?

In addition to the intangible benefits, such as becoming a published author and having your material in a well-crafted book, know some of the hallmarks of this anthology:

You get 6 books printed;

  • Earn 50% of all sales made on the Perensin Produções website on your behalf;
  • All the short stories will receive a unique illustration.

Is there any cost?

Entries in the Anthology are free and you can submit as many texts as you want. Because it is a collaborative Anthology, authors who have selected texts will contribute a fee of $ 230.00 (2x in the no-interest ticket or up to 18x in the interest card). This rate is unique for selected text and includes all the benefits mentioned above, so it is much easier to recover the investment and even profit.

Participate in the Lost Anthology in me and help others understand what really is behind the disorders.