How to Write Stories involving Mental Disorders

Gone is the time when all the characters in our stories were untouchable and unreal, full lives and surrounded only by external fears. Today, more than ever, we need to create stories that make readers not only distracted, but record lessons that will make a difference in their lives and those around them.

Our characters need to be real, with conflicts that afflict, and much, the actuality. Fear, doubts and struggles have never been so close: within us. That is why we need to talk about Disorders, and today, you will learn to write about them with responsibility.

The more you search, the better.

Search is the key word of any writer and when the subject is so delicate, it needs double focus. When describing how a character feels about dealing with that mental disorder, look for stories from people who have gone through similar things, read about the symptoms and even about treatment. Help your reader really know what he is reading.

Do not romantize mental disorders

This is a trend that needs to be reviewed in the literary world. The romanticization happens when the author tries to leave the impression that the disorder can be easily solved, like in a magic pass. A basic cliché is to tell how someone in deep depression “healed” when he knew the love of his life. This is not the way to go. Of course, love, especially in the family, can help – a lot – the person who is facing the problem. But it is important to show that these people need medical care as they would need if it were another type of illness. Show which disorders should be treated.

Tell about the disorder but not only about it

Your character may have a disorder, but he is not a disorder. Then, show other elements that make up that character: his routine, his tastes, his characteristics. Show common days, usual activities. Even if tackling the disorder is its main focus on the plot, do not let it be the only focus.

These are some basic tips that will help you build an engaging and real storyline!

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